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Bridging the gap between technology and people through each informative episode. Coffey & Code Podcast is hosted by technologist and TEDx speaker, Ashley Coffey. On this show, you’ll hear exclusive interviews with experts and innovators in the tech space. No matter your level of expertise or ability, Ashley believes you can be excited, informed, and empowered to learn how the rapidly evolving world of tech impacts your daily life. She’s here to help bridge the gap between technology and people.
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Ashley Coffey

About Ashley Coffey

As a sought-after speaker, Ashley makes the world of emerging tech approachable and attractive to all people. She has been featured by the Journal Record in the 2022 'Power List of Innovative Women' & featured in the inaugural issue of Hundred Magazine as one of OKC's most wildly capable women. Whether she's speaking at Harvard, SWSW-EDU, giving a TEDx talk, or hosting her own podcast (Coffey & Code), Ashley is always on the move, working to cultivate empowerment within all realms of tech. 

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